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Jasa perbaikan dan pemeliharaan genset


SOP Pemeliharaan Genset

Sebagaimana telah kita bahas sebelumnya tentang genset di artikel sebelumnya, klik: bahwa jasa perbaikan dan pemeliharaan genset ini semangkin di butuhkan atau di cari orang. tetapi hal ini tidak seimbang dengan tenaga ahli yang tersedia di lapangan.  Prosedure maintenance genset memiliki standard tersendiri yang harus di lakukan secara periodik atau persemester. berikut kami sedikit share bagaimana prosedure maintenance genset yang sebenarnya tetapi dengan catatan akan disesuaikan dengan medan, jenis genset dan lain-lain.

 Genset Scope Of Work prosedure

Minor Service  ( Quarterly or Semi annual)

  1. Check engine crankcase oil level
  2. Check for leaks
  3. Check hydraulic / Mechamical governor oil level

Cooling system

  1. Check engine coolant level & temperature
  2. Check for leaks & duct work and fan shround
  3. Inspect coolant connections and hoses ( tighten if loose )
  4. Check fan / alternator belt tension an wear
  5. check radiator air restriction
  6. Inspect coolant pump
  7. Inspect temperature regulator
  8. Check water jacket heater ( for correct operation )
  9. Check motor operated louvers

Fuel System

  1. Check sediment bowl
  2. Inspect all fuel system component for evidence of water , sludge and rust
  3. Check fuel level in day tank
  4. Inspect fuel level float switches
  5. Inspect containment alarm
  6. Inspect transfer pump

Air Induction and Exhaust

  1. Check air cleaner service indicator & check dust collector cap
  2. Inspect manifold air piping for leaks
  3. Check all intake system hoses and connection
  4. Open condensation drains

Electrical System

  1. Check battery electrolyte
  2. Check battery charging system
  3. Check alternator drive belt
  4. Check shut off control
  5. Inspect starter
  6. Check cold weather starting aids
  7. Check condition of batteries and add water as needed
  8. Engine safety controls – checkgauges and switches
  9. Control panel – vacuum and clean

Switchgear and Emergency Source Feedeers

  1. Check all control switches in Auto
  2. Check automatic transfer switch (ATS)
  3. Check for operational instruments


  1. Visually check engine mounts
  2. Visually check complete unit

Additional Maintenance Recommendations

  1. Change coolant every years
  2. Replace batteries every two years
  3. Replace belts and hoses every five years
  4. Load bank testing a unit cannot be loadedsto at least 50% of rated capacity for at leasttwo hours annually. Loading the unit burn off harmful deposits in the combustion chamber, injector nozzles and exhaust system.  Untuk jasa perbaikan dan pemeliharaan genset, prosedure maintenance genset, sop pemeliharaan genset,  silahkan menghubungi kami:

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